A month in the life of….

At Growth Plans Ltd, the work is varied.  In fact, the work is entirely bespoke to the clients so consequently it’s as varied as the clients.

Underpinning all the work however, the one constant, is a fundamental value of Growing Potential Together.  I’m often asked what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s like this…..

In the same way that you can’t book a hypnosis session for a smoker who doesn’t want to quit, anyone undertaking coaching has to do so, of their own volition, motivated by a desire to fulfil their potential and from the knowledge that there is always so much more to learn and practice.  There will always be potential for more, but there is no magic pill, it takes a conscious effort to grow and learn.

Once I have met with the client and understood their requirements and ambitions, we co-create the plan of action.  Invariably, we will start with personality profiling as it provides a context and reference for all the work we will undertake together.  In terms of Leadership, the first step is self-awareness and an understanding of the impact that you have on others, and the personality profile is a perfect place to start!

Insights Discovery is a fantastic tool for identifying behavioural strengths, blindspots and areas for development.  If a 1:1 coaching client presents with, say, time-management issues, it is helpful to understand the context for this, ie it may be due to a strong driver towards perfectionism or it may be a driver towards variety and change.

This month, I have used Insights Discovery with a team of Directors.   Plotting the personalities around the Insights Discovery wheel, showed that the team was well balanced with a great blend of strengths and talents.  Next month, building on this knowledge, we will move onto the real purpose of working together which is to support the team to drive the business forward.

I had sessions with 3 of my coaching clients this month.  One Director engaged me to support them throughout a difficult period of staff changes; allowing them time-out to prepare and review their goal of communicating sensitively and from a place of honesty.   The second client has a longer-term goal of being more productive and effective in their day job despite challenges of matrix reporting lines.  The third has achieved their ambition of becoming a Partner and is now restless without a clear career path ahead of them.

Each month, the Leadership Boards meet and in May, we had an external speaker talking about the Roles and Responsibilities of being a Director.   The Boards are made up of Directors across a range of industries who come together to form a close-knit group of advisors.  Bringing their current challenges to the Board to unpick and proffer suggestions from similar experiences, members leave with fresh ideas and approaches to implement back in the office.

As with all the work, the nature of consultancy work will vary.  This month saw the culmination of a project with a family business looking at succession planning.  Drawing on my years in Corporate Finance as a Chartered Accountant, I am able to support clients throughout their business planning and budgeting processes.

I like to fit in a speaking engagement each month, and in May, I was asked to speak at a staff conference on the subject of cross-selling within the client base.

On the personal front I am committed to practising what I preach – that is developing my own potential. I am currently developing Systemic Modelling skills working with the founder of this approach, Caitlin Walker. I also run Clean Language practice sessions each month for those who are also looking to extend their coaching skills.

And finally, the month ended with a trip to Mallorca to enjoy some down-time with the family!

"Growth Plans Ltd has proved to be invaluable for my company’s development and direction."

Phil Davies. Managing Director. Abatec Limited.

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