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  1. Getting the Most from your Team

    Are you getting the most from your teams?  No matter how good the team, there may be more that you can tap into.  But what is that more?  Do you know?  Do they know?  If you think there could be ‘More’ then read on!

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  2. New!! Employee Director Training

    If you are looking to boost your performance as an Employee Director of an EOT (Employee Owned Trust) owned company, then we are here to help.

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  3. Emotional Intelligence

    We’ve all heard of IQ – intelligence quotient.  Indeed, you may even be a member of MENSA.  But is that enough alone to be a great leader?  You’ve guessed it – an emphatic NO!

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  4. Mission, Vision and Values

    Do you know your company’s Mission, Vision and Values?  Do your staff know?  And more importantly, does anyone need to know?

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  5. Great books for your summer holiday

    I just loved the Backpack by Tim A Gardner, which is an entertaining story of an executive under pressure.  The story is a metaphor and the moral of the story is how greater self-awareness can lead to happiness – at work and at home.

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  6. A month in the life of….

    At Growth Plans Ltd, the work is varied.  In fact, the work is entirely bespoke to the clients so consequently it’s as varied as the clients.

    Underpinning all the work however, the one constant, is a fundamental value of Growing Potential Together.  I’m often asked what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s like this….. Read more

  7. A Sense of Belonging and why it’s important

    Why ensure your team feel they belong?

    Even from our schooldays, we recognise that as human beings, we strive to fit in and belong to the tribe.  In fact, there are a number of ‘essentials’ to existing happily in the world, from safety and comfort to a higher sense of purpose.

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  8. Leadership – what’s it all about?

    Open any dictionary; ask any expert; ask the question 100 times and you will get 100 different answers!

    Leadership is something we understand intuitively but how do you define it?

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  9. Perfect is Imperfect!

    In your efforts to run a successful business and be a great leader, are you truly thinking about your people?  Do you find yourself protecting your staff from having to do the boring stuff?  Do you find yourself spending time reviewing sloppy work?  Or perhaps you simply don’t trust your staff to get it right?  If the answer to any of these is yes – then what are your options?

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  10. Investment in Self

    With the dawning of a new year, we turn our attention to what we want to achieve in the coming 12 months.

    Goals inevitably include health, wealth, family and friendships.  For your business – growth and profitability.   For your staff – training and development.  But how often do you include your own personal development? And I’m not talking technical development or CPD (continuing professional development).  I’m talking development as a Leader.

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"Growth Plans Ltd has proved to be invaluable for my company’s development and direction."

Phil Davies. Managing Director. Abatec Limited.

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