Board & Team Dynamics

Boards and Team Dymanics

Growth Plans support Leaders to tap into to the full business potential.

“I was being approached by business owners who knew their businesses could be achieving more but couldn’t put their fingers on what it was” says Liz. “I work with clients to identify and unpick blockages; to create a focus throughout the business with a shared vision; to improve the effectiveness of teams and keep the momentum moving forward.

As a Chartered Accountant, I specialised in Corporate Finance advising on acquisitions & disposals and specifically Management-Buy-Outs. I bring a unique style to the Boardroom table, with my ability to understand and interrogate numbers combined with my coaching skills. I am able to help Directors to dig deeper and find solutions to issues they face.”

As a minimum, Liz will facilitate monthly board meetings, including confronting current challenges to find solutions. The monthly format provides management with a deadline to work to; holding them accountable and maintaining momentum. The quicker improvements are implemented, the quicker the tangible results.

She will also work with teams to implement strategies and provides coaching sessions for key members of staff in the intervening weeks.  Liz runs workshops and leadership programmes for key members of staff.  The 1:1 coaching sessions are an investment in these individuals and their career paths and as a bi-product they also serve to keep staff motivated and feeling valued.

Using Insights Discovery psychometric profiling is incredibly effective with teams.  The success of any business is built on the performance of its people and with improved understanding of themselves, people can adapt and connect with others, which leads to workplaces where innovation, creativity and productivity thrives.

The basis of any highly performing team is TRUST.  Liz works with teams to develop strategies to foster that trust; to value difference and pull together in the same direction.

Liz facilitates board away-days.  She will meet with the client to discuss the objectives ahead of the event to create a framework to achieve the goals.  Through her various trainings, she is able to implement strategies to ensure equal participation from all around the table, utilise time effectively; manage egos: maintain energy and interest levels and ultimately achieve the aims of the meeting.

Would you benefit from taking time out of your business to concentrate on your strategic plans for the future? Liz offers a FOC first meeting to establish if Growth Plans can add value to your business.

"Growth Plans Ltd has proved to be invaluable for my company’s development and direction."

Phil Davies. Managing Director. Abatec Limited.

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