Getting the Most from your Team

Are you getting the most from your teams?  No matter how good the team, there may be more that you can tap into.  But what is that more?  Do you know?  Do they know?  If you think there could be ‘More’ then read on!

In truth there are lots of ‘More’s:

This potential for ‘More’ is in results and behaviours ie the things we can see, measure and evidence.  But beneath those results and behaviours that we can see and evidence there are the intangibles of beliefs, values, feelings and thoughts.  Approaching this potential for ‘More’ is therefore, a two-pronged attack.

Firstly, there are practical tips around getting more from our teams:

The other side of the two-pronged approach is around the beliefs, values, feelings and thoughts.  As Patrick Lencioni reported in the ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ underpinning team performance is TRUST or lack of it.

Have you got trust in your team?  Have they got trust in you?  What does trust mean and why is it so important?  Well here’s my starter for 10….

Team trust is centred around each team member knowing they will be respected for being an imperfect (no-one is perfect) individual who is open to feedback and who is pulling together with the rest of the team towards a common goal.  This type of trust emanates from the top – from the leader.

Whilst that all sounds laudable, it is perhaps easier to see what happens without trust.  Without trust, team members are reluctant to express their opinions for fear of being ignored, ridiculed or beaten down.  If they cannot express their opinions, there will be no debate.  Without debate, there will be no innovation and no buy-in.  The team will not be fully engaged or feel a responsibility for the results.  Outcome – results spiral downwards.

Maybe this is extreme?  But even if we say it is 50% true, then you can see there is scope for more from your teams.  And what is the answer?  Trust.

So how do we get Trust?  Well that’s a topic for another day!

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