Leadership – what’s it all about?

Open any dictionary; ask any expert; ask the question 100 times and you will get 100 different answers!

Leadership is something we understand intuitively but how do you define it?


Dictionary definitions include guidance, showing the way; acting first; conducting; inducing.

Vulnerability researcher, Brene Brown (author of Dare to Lead) defines a leader “as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and who has the courage to develop that potential”.

Emotional Intelligence expert Daniel Golemanidentifies 6 styles of leadership (coercive; authoritative; affiliative; democratic; pace-setting; coaching) each springing from different components of emotional intelligence with flexibility being the key to leadership.

Simon Sinek tells us that Great Leaders “Start with Why”.

What do we think?

At Growth Plans we start with you!

Once we have flushed this out and tested it, we can identify a path and support you on your journey.  That ‘support’ is very bespoke to you and your requirements and may include one or more of the following:

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Phil Davies. Managing Director. Abatec Limited.

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